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Wombats of Wollombi 

Mange has been an ongoing problem for the wombat population in Wollombi and surrounding areas for a long time. Wombat mange is caused by a parasitic mite that burrows into the skin of the wombat causing thick, crusty skin, and hair, hearing and vision loss. Without treatment, the wombat will suffer a slow and incredibly painful death.  

However, wombat mange is treatable. With the right number of doses, the signs of mange can disappear completely and vision and hearing loss be restored.

We have been treating wombats around the local area for a number of years, with members inventing ingenious wombat burrow flaps to drop the medicine on the wombat as it returns home. 

Our group provides kits and information so landholders can treat wombats on their properties.


If you see a mangy wombat, please contact us.


We need your help


We have treated many wombats in the local area but mange remains a threat to the wombat population which now face the additional impact of habitat loss from the fires. 


Without donations, many wombats will go untreated.


Please donate to our Wombats of Wollombi GiveNow appeal to fund more treatment packs to help these lovely furry neighbours of ours.


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