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Wollombi Area Restoration Team (WART)

The Wollombi Area Restoration Team (WART) meets regularly on the
Wollombi Brook Nature Trail, right in the middle of Wollombi Village.


A group of local volunteers meet on Wednesday mornings and occasionally on Saturdays at the trail to clear the weeds. Over time, the thicket of privet and trad (tradescantia) was transformed into a place of beauty.


There is something very inspiring about working with a team of volunteers on public land.


We have learned so much about weeds and native plants and bush regeneration, not to mention enjoying the soothing sounds of the running Brook and the company of the local fauna.


We have had floods and droughts but the resilience of nature and the natives (with a little helping hand from us) has won out.

We are always looking for extra helpers. No experience needed. No ongoing commitment needed. Just turn up on those occasions that suit. Details will be posted on our Events page


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